Application procedure

  1. Students who intend to apply for this research grant must pre-register with the Education Service Centre by e-mail first ( Students must state their plans for their research project (planned dates, destination and brief project details)
  2. The Education Service Centre will determine if the student meets all conditions for this research grant and whether it is worthwhile for the student to submit an application via email.
  3. If eligible, the student will receive the application form and the student will need to register as an IDEA league student at ETH and email the following information; Name, faculty, student number along with the following documents to
    • Application form
    • Confirmation letter
    • CV
    • Motivation letter
    • Recommendation letter van TU
  4. Application deadline is at least two months before start date or 3 months if you need to apply for a visa. Citizens of the European Union or EFTA states do not require a visa for Switzerland. Students must organize their own visa. Should you experience delays to your application, notify the mobility department at
  5. Once the application has been processed, the student will receive 80% of the total grant before their departure.
  6. After the student returns and sends the ‘IDEA League report’, the final 20% payment will be processed.