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Wetenschappelijk werknemer bij een andere universiteit of onderzoeksinstituut - Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland ECN (binnenkort onderdeel van TNO)

2017-07-01 - 2023-07-01

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2016-09-01 - 2022-09-01


Part-time Professor

Arthur Weeber was born in 1959 in Velsen, the Netherlands. In 1983 he finished his Masters in Physics at the University of Amsterdam in the field of solid-state physics. In 1987 he completed his Masters in Chemical Engineering at the same university with specialization anaerobic waste water treatments. After receiving his PhD in 1988 in Physics (topic amorphous alloys), also at the University of Amsterdam, he joined the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands ECN as a solid-state physicist with research topic positron annihilation. Since 1992 he is doing R&D on crystalline silicon PV technology and coordinated large national and internal projects with both academic partners and industry ones. After several years of being a senior manager at ECN he became senior scientist at the Solar Energy department in 2015. In the same year he started as part-time professor (0.2 fte) at Delft University of Technology in the Photovoltaic Materials and Devices group (department Electrical Sustainable Energy, faculty Electrical Engineering Mathematics. He also is lecturer Solar Energy within the EUREC Master Renewable Energy at the Hanze University of Applied Science.


Room:      LB03.200
Phone:      +31 (0)15 27 85792            
Telefax:    +31 (0)15 27 82968                  


Prof. A. Weeber
Photovoltaic Materials and Devices
EWI Faculty - Delft University of Technology
Mekelweg 4

Selection of publications

1.     Energy Procedia, Proceedings of the 1st-5th International Conference on Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics (SiliconPV 2011-2015) edited by Giso Hahn, Armin Aberle, Rolf Brendel, Andres Cuevas, Stefan Glunz, Jef Poortmans, Pierre-Jean Ribeyron, Ron Sinton and Arthur Weeber.

2.     A.W. WeeberEditorial to the Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics (SiliconPV 2014)

3.     P. Spinelli, F.O. Lenzmann, A.W. Weeber,  A. Polman, Effect of EVA encapsulation on antireflection properties of Mie nanoscatterers for c-Si solar cells, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (IEEE) 5 (2015) 559.

4.     A. Ingenito, J.C. Ortiz Lizcano, S.L. Luxembourg, R. Santbergen, A.W. Weeber, O. Isabella, M. Zeman, Optimized back reflectors for rear diffused c-Si solar cells, Energy Procedia 55 (2014), 94.

5.     I. Cesar, N. Guillevin, A.R. Burgers, A.A. Mewe, M. Koppes, J. Anker, L.J. Geerligs, A.W. WeeberMERCURY: a back junction back contact front floating emitter cell with novel design for high efficiency and simplified processing, Energy Procedia 55 (2014) 633-642.

6.     L. E. Hintzsche, C. M. Fang, M. Marsman, G. Jordan, M. W. P. E. Lamers, A. W. Weeber, and G. Kresse, Defects and defect healing in amorphous Si3N4-xHy: An ab initio density functional theory study, Phys. Rev. B88 (2013) 155204.

7.     F.O. Lenzmann, M. van Lare, J. Salpakari, P. Spinelli, J.B. Notta, M.S. Dorenkamper, N.J. Bakker, A.W. Weeber, A. Polman, Plasmonic light-trapping in a-Si:H solar cells by front-side Ag nanoparticle arrays: A benchmarking study, Physica Status Solidi (a) 210 (2013) 1571.

8.     D. Zhang, I.A. Digdaya, R. Santbergen, R.A.C.M.M. van Swaaij, P.C.P. Bronsveld, M. Zeman, J.A.M. van Roosmalen, A.W. WeeberDesign and fabrication of a SiOx/ITO double-layer anti-reflective coating for heterojunction silicon solar cells, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 117 (2013) 132.

9.     Agnes A. Mewe, Maciej K. Stodolny, John A.M. van Roosmalen, Gaby J.M. Janssen, Martijn A. de Keijzer, and Arthur W. WeeberXIS: A Low-Current, High-Voltage Back-Junction Back-Contact Device, Presented at the SiliconPV 2013, Hamelen, Germany, 25-27 March 2013, Energy Procedia 38 (2013) 443.

10.  Machteld Lamers, Leif E. Hintzsche, Keith T.Butler, Per Erik Vullum, Chang-Ming Fang, Martijn Marsman, Gerald Jordan, John H. Harding, Georg Kresse, Arthur WeeberThe interface of a-SiNx:H and Si: Linking the nano-scale structure to passivation quality, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 120 (2014) 311

11.  L. E. Hintzsche, C. M. Fang, T. Watts, M. Marsman, G. Jordan, M. W. P. E. Lamers, A. W. Weeber, and G. Kresse, Density functional theory study of the structural and electronic properties of amorphous silicon nitrides: Si3N4−x:H, Physical Review B86 (2012) 235204.

12.  Keith T. Butler, John H. Harding, Machteld P. W. E. Lamers, and Arthur W. WeeberStoichiometrically graded SiNx for improved surface passivation in high performance solar cells, Journal of Applied Physics, 112 (2012), 094303,

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14.  Machteld Lamers, Keith Butler, Per Erik Vullum, John Harding and Arthur WeeberCharacterization of a-SiNx:H layer: bulk properties, interface with Si and solar cell efficiency, Physica Status Solidi (a) 210 (2013) 658

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