Design & AI Symposium 2023


18 and 19 October 2023 - Campus of TU Delft, The Netherlands

What happened?

On 18 and 19 October 2023 at the Campus of TU Delft, The Netherlands, we hosted our second annual sold-out Design & AI Symposium. The theme this year was “Shaping the Future(s)” and we focused on how design can shape Artificial Intelligence to better serve society. We have listened to inspiring keynotes by Shalini Kurapati (CEO Clearbox.AI), Elsje van Niekerk (Co-Owner Oltmans van Niekerk), Kyle McDonald (Artist Working with Code) and Stephan Wensveen (Full professor of Constructive Design Research in Smart Products, Services and Systems, TU/e). Additionally, there was a workshop on ekip on Policy for the Cultural and Creative Industries, an unconference, talk sessions by researchers, and expert panel, and a demo room. The days were hosted by IDE’s own Dave Murray-Rust and Philip van Allen. Read about our event and watch recordings of the keynotes and panel discussion.

2024 Design & AI Symposium in Eindhoven

In addition to the above, we made an important announcement that the 2024 Design & AI Symposium will be hosted in Eindhoven in collaboration with TU/e and around Dutch Design Week.

In the 2023 Design & AI Symposium we asked: How are designers shaping possible futures? The symposium was held on the campus of TU Delft and was presented by the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. At this event, attendees joined fellow designers and businesses to explore the intersection of design and the future of AI.

AI has captured the imagination of the public, science and industry, but it also poses new risks and potentials that are reshaping human relationships with technology, labor, creativity, and the environment. Can design help ensure that these systems are practical, just, sustainable and used for the benefit of society?

Shaping the Future(s) - Reflections on the 2023 Design & AI Symposium

By Philip Van Allen and Dave Murray-Rust

The 2023 Design & AI Symposium was once again a sold-out event with over 150 attendees from around the world, including design practitioners, members of industry, students, and academics. We had keynotes from the local design community (Oltmans Van Niekerk), international AI thought leaders (Shalini Kurapati CEO and world famous creative AI practitioners (Kyle McDonald). In addition to the keynotes, we hosted a diverse programme of talks on Design and AI with topics such as Wellbeing, Performance, Reflexivity and Education - with presenters from TU Delft, Tu/Eindhoven, and Universiteit Utrecht.

We had 4 workshops, covering the creation of just and pluralistic AI futures, experimenting with speculative approaches to understanding the bestiary of AI models, working with AI in Education, and prototyping interactions between humans and AI systems. In addition to the talks and workshops we held an Unconference, which captured many questions in the community about how to work with Design and AI. We also hosted a workshop led by Jeroen van der Aa (TU Delft) about shaping policy for the Cultural and Creative Industries around AI (ekip), which brought in external stakeholders in policymaking.

As a bonus event, the day before the symposium, Maria Luce Lupetti, Phil Van Allen, and Dave Murray-Rust conducted a futuring workshop where we produced an imaginary issue of the ACM Interactions Magazine from 2043.

Building on the success of the last two years of the Design & AI Symposium, we announced that the 2024 version will be presented in Eindhoven in collaboration with TU/e and will coincide with Dutch Design Week.

Programme 2023

Discover the Design&AI Symposium 2023 programme below...

Featured Workshops, Talks, Panels, and Demos

Discover the featured workshops, talks, panels, and demos below...

Day 1 - Wednesday 18 October 2023

Day 2 - Thursday 19 October 2023

Featured Speakers

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Keynote Video

Keynote Video

Keynote Video

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Building on our sold-out 2022 symposium, we are expanded to one and a half days for 2023. Scientists and practitioners from multiple disciplines gathered in the beautiful Dutch city of Delft. We discussed the technological, scientific, and societal challenges of building futures with AI-mediated interactions. The symposium showcased local and international Design and AI research from academia and industry, through a rich programme of workshops, talks and discussions.

Whether a seasoned designer, entrepreneur or just starting out, the Design & AI Symposium 2023 was the perfect place to gain new insights, make valuable connections, and expand horizons. This event was an incredible opportunity to be a part of the conversation at the forefront of design and AI!

The Symposium was a program of TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering in collaboration with TU Delft AI Initiative, Mondai | House of AI at NEXT Delft, and KickstartAI.

What is Design & AI?

Curious how we see Design & AI at the Faculty of Industrial Design here at TU Delft? Watch this video, including interviews with Elizabeth Churchill (Google), John Zimmerman (Carnegie Mellon University) and more.

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