Design & AI Symposium 2023


18 and 19 October 2023 - Campus of TU Delft, The Netherlands

We invite you to the 2023 Design & AI Symposium where we are asking: How are designers shaping possible futures? The symposium will be held on the campus of TU Delft and is presented by the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. At this event, you'll be able to join fellow designers and businesses to explore the intersection of design and the future of AI.

AI has captured the imagination of the public, science and industry, but it also poses new risks and potentials that are reshaping human relationships with technology, labor, creativity, and the environment. Can design help ensure that these systems are practical, just, sustainable and used for the benefit of society?

Preliminary Program

Day 1 - Wednesday the 18th

13:00 - Welcome

13:15 - Panel
Shaping the Future(s)
Moderated by Maria-Luce Lupetti
Panelists: Julian Bleecker, Baptiste Caremiaux,
Cristina Zaga, Kars Alfrink, Grace Turtle

14:25 - Break

14:30 - Panel
Artefacts from the Future(s)
Julian Bleecker + Panel

15:15 - Break

15:30 - Breakout Parallel Talks and Workshops
DCODE podcast with Panel - Acts of interfacing, Mondai Room (ground floor)
Workshop 1, Next Level Room (ground floor)
Talk 1 - Next 2U + Connection (1st floor)

17:00 - Wrap Up

17:15 - Drinks and Networking


Day 2 - Thursday the 19th

10:00 - Welcome

10:15 - Keynote
The Future of Responsible AI by Design
Shalini Kurapati, PhD, CEO Clearbox AI

10:45 - Keynote
Future trends relevant to AI
Elsje van Niekerk, Co-Founder Oltmans van Niekerk

11:15 - Break
Interactivities & Demos, Mondai Room

11:30Breakout Parallel Talks and Workshops
Interactivities & Demos, Mondai Room (ground floor)
Workshop 2 , Next Level (ground floor)
Talk 2, Next 2U + Connection (1st floor)

12:45 - Catered Lunch

13:45 - Breakout Parallel Talks and Workshops
Interactivities & Demos, Mondai Room (ground floor)
Unconference, Next Level  Room (ground floor)
Talk 3 - Next 2U + Connection (1st floor)

15:15 - Break

Imagining our Future, in Code
Kyle McDonaldArtist working with code

16:30 - Town Hall

17:15 - Wrap Up

17:30 - Drinks and Networking

Featured Workshops, Talks, Panels, and Demos

Day 1, Wednesday October 18

Workshop 1
, Next Level Room (ground floor)
Talk 1, Next 2U + Connection (1st floor)
DCODE Podcast & Panel - Acts of interfacing
Wednesday, October 18, 15:30, Mondai Room (ground floor)

Day 2, Wednesday October 19

11:15 and rest of day
Interactivities & Demos, Mondai Room,

Workshop 2, Next Level (ground floor)
Talk 2, Next 2U + Connection (1st floor)

Unconference, Next Level  Room (ground floor)
Talk 3, Next 2U + Connection (1st floor)


Featured Speakers

Abstract: The unexpected evolution of foundation models into mainstream generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney has shaken up industry and societal perspectives. As a result, our conventional wisdom on designing, governing and regulating AI is challenged. For instance, chatbots were considered low-risk AI in the EU AI Act draft text just a few weeks before the launch of ChatGPT. The same can be said about the complexities of determining and asserting ownership or rights on data used for training as well as the outputs of AI.

In this talk, Shalini will highlight the opportunities and challenges in designing responsible AI systems, focusing on critical issues of privacy, fairness, and creative/IP rights in the era of generative AI. She will present the current and emerging technological solution space for responsible AI, focusing on synthetic data, her company's specialization.

Abstract: Elsje van Niekerk delves into the drivers of change expected to shape the landscape leading up to 2025, based upon the research of OvN’s Vision 2025 publication. She illuminates how AI can play a pivotal and constructive role in driving transformations and shows the impact of AI across diverse sectors, from automotive, technology, fashion, sports to interior design.

Abstract: What is the role of artists working with AI? What happens when we've had enough of the image generators and uncanny language models? What can we learn from these tools about ourselves, and about our collective future(s)? Kyle will explore the ways that machine learning intersects with everything from public spaces and personal relationships to cetacean bioacoustics and language itself.

Featured Panelists

Maria Luce Lupetti is an Assistant Professor in Interaction and Critical Design at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft (NL), and a core member of the AiTech Initiative on Meaningful Human Control over AI Systems. Her research, at the intersection of design, ethics, AI and robotics, is focused on promoting critical perspectives in technology development.

Julian Bleecker is a researcher, designer, and entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the fields of design, technology, and innovation. He is best known as the founder of Near Future Laboratory, a design and research studio that explores the intersection of emerging technologies, design, and culture.

Baptiste is currently a CNRS researcher (CRCN) at ISIR, Sorbonne UniversitĂ© in Paris, in the HCI Sorbonne group. He received a PhD in Computer Music from University Pierre et Marie Curie and IRCAM in 2012. He has worked at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and McGill University, as a Marie SkĹ‚odowska-Curie Research Fellow. He joined CNRS (CR1) in 2018 at LRI (now LISN), UniversitĂ© Paris-Saclay.

Cristina holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (cum laude) and a double MSc in Cognitive Science and Human-Media Interaction (cum laude). Her research focuses on relational design and transdisciplinary research. She develops methods, tools, and technology to facilitate societal transitions towards just, caring, and solidarity futures involving communities, nature, and artificial agents. She applies her research in domains such as healthcare and the future of work. Additionally, Cristina leads the Social Justice and AI network, which aims to address the dehumanizing and oppressive impacts of AI and embodied AI technology while promoting social and environmental justice.

Kars Alfrink is a designer, researcher, and educator working at the intersection of emerging technologies, social progress, and the built environment.

Grace is a designer, artist and researcher queering AI. She has spent over a decade combining human insights with strategic foresight to support leaders in industry and government to navigate change while implementing strategic initiatives, products, and services.


This year we have expanded the event to accommodate more participation from our research and practice colleagues. As part of this, we'd like to encourage the Design & AI community to submit proposals for:

  • Short Talks
  • Workshops
  • Interactivities - demos, videos or posters

If you are interested, note that the deadlines have been extended to October 1st and look at the CFP page - Design & AI CFPs

Building on our sold-out 2022 symposium, we are expanding to one and a half days. Scientists and practitioners from multiple disciplines will gather in the beautiful Dutch city of Delft. We will discuss the technological, scientific, and societal challenges of building futures with AI-mediated interactions. The symposium will showcase local and international Design and AI research from academia and industry, through a rich programme of workshops, talks and discussions.

Whether you're a seasoned designer, entrepreneur or just starting out, the Design & AI Symposium 2023 is the perfect place to gain new insights, make valuable connections, and expand your horizons. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of the conversation at the forefront of design and AI!

This is a program of TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering in collaboration with TU Delft AI Initiative, Mondai | House of AI at NEXT Delft, and KickstartAI.

What is Design & AI?

Curious how we see Design & AI at the Faculty of Industrial Design here at TU Delft? Watch this video, including interviews with Elizabeth Churchill (Google), John Zimmerman (Carnegie Mellon University) and more.

Photos from the Design&AI Symposium 2022

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