IDE wants to continue to position itself as a leading educational and design research institute. To achieve this we need to be constantly active at the forefront that leads design research in contributing to design practice and the training of future designers.


At IDE we believe that by creating insights in people, their lives and in society, and developing foresights on how technology can improve our future, we enable designers to be inspirational yet realistic leaders that can move the needle towards a better future. 

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Dai, C.

Advanced Manufacturing

Dipl. -Des. Thoring, K.C.

PhD candidate (external) - Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Creative Space in Design Education, Technology-supported Design Ethnography, Design methods, Research Methods, Management of Design Knowledge, Design Thinking

Dr. Bendor, R.

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Design Conceptualization and Communication

Dr. Boersema, T.

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Ergonomics of visual information, Comprehensibility testing of graphical symbols, Dynamic graphics

Dr. Calabretta, G.

Assistant professor Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Design management, Integrating design skills and methods in companies, Designers in innovation strategy and early development, Competitive Advantage through Strategic Design (CASD), Creative Industry Scientific Program (CRISP)

Dr. Cardoso, C.M.

Assistant Professor Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Creative Thinking, Creative Potential, Design Creativity Research, Design Theory and Methodology, Design Cognition, Design Thinking, Design Education, Reflection in design

Dr. Creusen, M.E.H.

Assistant Professor Product Innovation & Management. Expertise: Consumer research, Consumer psychology, Product perception

Dr. Dipl. -Des. Boess, S.U.

Assistant Professor Design for Interaction. Expertise: Design thinking and doing tools, Meaning in everyday system use, Health (ageing), mobility and ict in urban environments

Dr. Egmond, R. van

Associate Professor. Expertise: Product sound design & perception, Cognitive ergonomics, Research Methodology, Data analysis & visualisation

Dr. Eisenbart, B.

Assistant Professor in Design Theory and Methodology Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Interdisciplinary Product Development, Design Thinking, Design Theory and Methodology, Function Modelling, Engineering Design, Innovation Management, Decision Making, Behavioural Strategies

Dr. Gonçalves, M.G.

Lecturer Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Creativity, Creative problem solving, Inspiration, Design Cognition, Design methodology, Design thinking, Visual communication

Dr. Govers, P.C.M.

Lecturer Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Consumer Research, New Product Development (NPD)

Dr. Hartcher-O'Brien, J.

Assistant professor Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Haptics, Haptic design, Multisense, Touch

Dr. Huysmans, T.

Assistant professor Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: 3D anthropometry, Physical ergonomics, Biomedical image processing, Biomedical geometry processing

Dr. Ir. Doorn, F.A.P. van

Researcher Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Contextual user research, Co-research, Contextmapping, Participatory Design, Interaction Design for and with Children, Co-Design, Design skills in Primary Education

Dr. Ir. Flipsen, S.F.J.

Lecturer Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Alternative power sources for portable products, direct methanol fuel cells for portable electronics

Dr. Ir. Jaskiewicz, T.J.

Assistant Professor (tenure track) Industrial Design. Expertise: Design methodology, Highly iterative design processes, Design Tornado model, Interactive Prototyping, Smart buildings, Smart cities

Dr. Ir. Jong, A.M. de

Assistant Professor Human Information Communication Design. Expertise: Sustainable Living, Design research

Dr. Ir. Kuijk, J.I. van

Assistant Professor Industrial Design. Expertise: User experience, Usability, User-centered design, Innovation, Public understanding of design, Design management, Transit

Dr. Ir. Melles, M.

Associate Professor Applied Ergonomics & Design Coordinator Master specialisation Medisign. Expertise: Medisign, Design for healthcare, Design for experience, Patient and staff experience

Dr. Ir. Mooij, S.C.

Assistant Professor Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Marketing, Marketing Communications, Strategic Product Innovation

Dr. Jamsin, E.

Assistant professor Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Circular economy and sustainability, Computational models of complex systems, Systemic design, Internet of Things

Dr. Karana, E.

Associate Professor Emerging Materials, Design Engineering. Expertise: Materials Design, Material driven design, bio-based materials, Materials experience

Dr. Magnier, L.B.M.

Assistant Professor Consumer Research. Expertise: Consumer behaviour, Marketing, Sustainability, Packaging

Dr. Mulder, I.J.

Associate Professor Industrial Design. Expertise: Transformative design, Social design, Design methodology, Design for change, Design for transition

Dr. Ozcan Vieira, E.

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Critical alarms, Information design, Healthcare, Design for wellbeing, Sound-driven design & research

Dr. Petreca, B.B.

Post-doctoral researcher Cyber-Physical Systems. Expertise: Material experience, Textiles, Multisensory exploration and expression of materials

Dr. Price, R.A.

Post-doctoral researcher Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. Expertise: Design-led innovation, Digital transformation, Strategic design, Participatory design, Action research, Aviation Design

Dr. Rusák, Z.

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Cyber-physical systems, Simulation, Machine learning, Virtual reality, Programming, Adoptive systems

Dr. Song, Y. (Wolf)

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: 3D printed electronics, 3D scanning, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Dr. Sääksjärvi, M.C.

Associate Professor Marketing. Expertise: Innovation, Branding, Happiness, Creativity, Services and relationship marketing, Consumer behaviour

Dr. Visch, V.T.

Associate professor Design Aesthetics. Expertise: Persuasive game design, eHealth, Storytelling

Dr. Wang, W.

Post-doctoral researcher Advanced Manufacturing. Expertise: Geometry Processing, Computational Fabrication

Dr. Xue, H.

Post-doctoral researcher Internet of Things. Expertise: Design for Experience and Well-being, Design Strategy, Cultural/Collective Memory

Dr. arch. Puerari, E.

PhD candidate Design Engineering, Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Urban Planning, Governance Models, Transition Management, Urban Sustainability Transition, Urban Public Service Innovation, Community Participation in Planning

Dr. ing. Rozendaal, M.C.

Assistant professor Human Information and Communication Design. Expertise: Interaction design, Interaction aesthetics, User experience, Product service systems, Design innovation for healthcare

Dr. ir. Boeijen, A.G.C. van

Assistant Professor Industrial Design/Design Aesthetics. Expertise: Culture in design, Inter- and multi-national projects, Base of the Pyramid, Design methods

Dr. ir. Bos-de Vos, M.

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: Business model design, Digital innovation, Value co-creation, Value capture, Professional identity, Project management

Dr. ir. Diehl, J.C.

Assistant Professor Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Design for Sustainability, Design for the Base of the Pyramid, Design for Cultural Differences

Dr. ir. Doubrovski, E.L.

Post-doctoral researcher Design Engineering. Expertise: Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Design methods for Additive Manufacturing, Multi-material Additive Manufacturing, 3D printed customised products

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