Our challenge was to provide a different perspective on the use of communication within the aviation industry, focused on the work activities of the pilot.

We spoke with different actors, observed their daily routines, organized a creative session with a group of pilots and visited several important communication locations like the Air Traffic Control Tower, KLM’s Hub Control and Operations Control Centre’s. We found that information is not shared and dishonest, the communication is diffusive and prone to errors and employees do not work together towards a common goal.

To illustrate: “There are three types of delay announcements, E is for official public information, C is for company secret and L is for waiting on transfers, which is also company secret” (Duty Area Manager). Our product, PLUG, decreases the amount of communication channels andstimulates working towards the same goal and pro-active working. PLUG also gives a real-time insight in the progress of the daily processes different actors go through.This leads to a time saving of 90%! All you have to do, is to just PLUG-in.


  • Gina Henselmans
  • Vivianne Driessen
  • Thomas Follender Grossfeld


  • KLM
  • LVNL
  • Hunite
  • Scenter
  • TU Delft