MSc. Goss, H.

Hannah Goss is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, with a passion for exploring how designers can influence people to experience daily life in unexpected, playful, and positive ways.

Academic Background

Hannah's final master’s thesis explored how designing a playful approach to healthy food and eating can aid in the prevention of childhood obesity. After graduating cum laude with an MSc in Design for Interaction at TU Delft she began a PhD at the Human Centered Design Department researching how design can reduce food waste.

Hannah’s interest in food waste reduction was initially sparked when she heard that a shocking one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. During her PhD she is investigating how our food system, which currently drives on producing and consuming an ‘excess’ amount of food, can be transitioned towards producing and consuming ‘enough’ food. Achieving this transition requires a shift in the mindset of our consumption patterns, the implementation of interventions at different levels of the food system (meso, macro, and micro), as well as collaboration with a variety of stakeholders in our complex food system.

Hannah’s research is structured around the question of what role and value do designers have in fostering a transition? It seeks to discover what skills designers can leverage when transitioning towards a food system with minimal consumer food waste. The outcome of her research will be the design and implementation of retail innovations that aim to transition the food system in a desired direction.

This PhD research is part of a broader project called “Food Waste: Transition from Excess to Enough”, in collaboration with the University of Groningen, Wageningen University, and numerous stakeholders in our food system.


  • 2020 ─ Present
    PhD Designing for Food Waste Reduction, Delft University of Technology 
  • 2018 ─ 2020
    MSc Design for Interaction, Delft University of Technology
  • 2012 ─ 2017
    Bachelor of Industrial Design, Carleton University 


  • 2020
    Teaching Assistant, Design Approaches, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft 
  • 2020
    Teaching Assistant, Research Methodology, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft 
  • 2018
    Structural and Automation Designer, Roberts Signs and Awnings
  • 2016 ─ 2017
    Lead Graphic Designer, Student Experience Office, Carleton University
  • 2016
    Product Design Intern, Formula D Interactive
  • 2015 ─ 2016
    UX Design Intern, SurfEasy

Lectures and/or coaches students on:

  • Student assignments in ID5295 and IO3832-19

Hannah Goss