Dr. Martins, J.

Joana Martins is an Assistant Professor in Materialising futures at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Her main research interests are the application of living microorganisms, and their natural products, in the biodesign field.

For over 18 years, Joana Martins has been dedicated to the study of a particular group of microorganisms, the cyanobacteria. Her broad expertise with these organisms includes their isolation, identification, and exploration for the production of natural products with potential applications in the biotechnology field.

Academic Background

Joana Martins is graduated in Microbiology from the Portuguese Catholic University, Faculty of Biotechnology. She completed her MSc in Quality Control (Environmental), Faculty of Pharmacy, and her PhD in Biology (2016), Faculty of Sciences, both at the University of Porto, Portugal.
Her research has been mainly dedicated to the exploitation of the bioactive potential of cyanobacteria. Joana joined IDE in 2022 in order to to support the foundation of Biodesign research and education.

Involved in the project(s)

Published books

  • Moreira, C.; Martins, J.; Vasconcelos, V.; Antunes, A. Genomics perspectives on cyanobacteria research. In Handbook of Algal Science, Technology and Medicine, 1st ed.; Konur, O., Ed.; Academic Press: Cambridge, MA, USA, 2020; pp. 147–159.