Welcome to Delft!

Master your Start!

You are going to start your master’s programme soon. For a lot of students this means the beginning of a new stage in life; a new start at an university with a different way of studying, in an unknown city and a campus where you will have to learn to find your way around. Even if you are Dutch and you have finished your bachelor’s programme at the Delft University of Technology, a new study period will start with new people, experiences, knowledge and results.

Introduction Programme

All new master students are invited to join the Introduction Programme (IP). The IP is a centrally organised intense and enjoyable period giving you an introduction to TU Delft, the Netherlands and the multicultural student life which awaits you, while making new friends. You will be informed of how to register for the IP at the beginning of July.

Faculty introduction days

Next to the central IP, we want you to master the start of your new programme at our faculty. We explicitly recommend that you join the introduction day. During this introduction Programme essential information will be given and together with the staff we wish to offer you a o landing and the good start of your master's programme!

The introduction day focuses on two main aspects. First we will give you essential programme information. During the introduction day you’ll get information about: who is your education director, overview of your master’s programme, how to register for exams, where are the lecture halls, which courses to take, where to have drinks and bites etc. Second, you are (now) a member of our TPM academic community. And to help you start building your community we have social activities on the introduction day too. 

TPM MSc Mentoring Programme

To support you with mastering your start the faculty introduces the TPM Master Mentoring Programme. Every TPM master student will be assigned to a Master Mentor Group. The groups are divided by master programme. So if for example you are going to study Management of Technology (MOT) both your fellow group members as your mentor follow the master’s programme in Management of Techlonogy.

The Mentor is you first point of contact and will guide and support you during the 1 and 1/2 quarter of your master’s programme. At the start of the introduction you will assigned to a mentor group and you will get the chance to get to know your mentor and fellow students.