Alex Stefanov explains his RESCUE project funded by NWO

Nieuws - 29 december 2021 - M. Vielvoije

Alex Stefanov explains his new project called RESCUE: “Resilience and cyber security of integrated cyber-physical energy systems”. The RESCUE project is funded by NWO under the Energy System Integration Call (NWO ESI-far) and will start in January 2022.

RESCUE develops advanced mathematical and computational foundations, methods and technologies to protect utilities from cyber attacks and cyber secure the Control Room of the Future (CRoF). Check out the video explainer below for more details.

RESCUE is one of the five research projects awarded by NWO ESI-far to advance the energy transition and energy system integration. For more information, read the TopSector Energy’s article in Dutch here:

You can watch the RESCUE video explainer with Alex Stefanov right here: