IDE participates in NWO Cross-Over RELEASE project

Nieuws - 25 februari 2021 - Communication

TU Delft researchers from several faculties participate to the NWO Reversible Large-scale Energy Storage (RELEASE) project, in which a large team of fundamental and applied scientists cooperate with industry partners on developing next generation large-scale energy storage technologies. For such applications, hydrogen-based technologies are regarded as very promising for storing energy in an effective and efficient way. 

Within the wider research, Jo van Engelen, Jan-Carel Diehl and Sine Celik are the team from IDE that will research on how the (social) acceptance of this new hydrogen technology can be optimized in real life scenarios. The team intends to combine research perspectives of social network contagion within field lab experiments. Their objective is to design an approach for detecting success factors for the societal acceptance of the new technology, as well as identifying an action repertoire to fulfil these factors.

Within the RELEASE project, the PhD Vacancy about “Improving the societal acceptance of hydrogen energy storage by applying a field lab approach” is still open. For more information and to apply, click on the dedicated card at the end of this article.