Professor Richard Goossens features in TU Delft Tech for Health campaign

Nieuws - 11 maart 2021 - Communication

With a newly launched campaign, ‘Technology for Health | Better healthcare thanks to Delft technology’, the University is shining a spotlight on research innovations that contribute to improvements in healthcare, especially here in the Netherlands. Such research often involves collaboration with medical institutes such as Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and LUMC in Leiden. TU Delft alumni are being invited to meet the scientists behind this exciting research and consider making a contribution to their important work.

One of the researchers featured in the Technology for Health initiative is Richard Goossens, Professor of Physical Ergonomics at IDE. His research “Consultation Room 2030” focuses on one area of healthcare, that has seen very little in the way of innovation for many decades but is ripe for change: the consultation room.

Will there still be consultation rooms as we know them in ten years’ time? Is it possible to have a second medical expert present at a consultation by means of a 3D hologram? Could patients themselves do more of the tests at home? (…) An important consideration is the human aspect of healthcare (…) Everyone can sense that there’s a lot that can be improved here, especially for the patient.

Professor Richard Goossens

The innovation trajectory, based on a full mapping of the processes happening in and around the consultation room, starts at the Erasmus MC, where the Consultation Room 2030 will be built. There, researchers will get closer to the healthcare process, inviting real patients to take part and trying to make every aspect come together for the first time in an innovation platform.

Read more about the projects of Professor Richard Goossens and of the other researchers participating in Technology for health on the dedicated page on TU Delft website.