Self-Reflective Hybrid Intelligence: Combining Human with Artificial Intelligence and Logic

Nieuws - 05 december 2022 - Communication

At the IC3K 2022 conference in Malta last October, Prof. dr. Catholijn Jonker gave a presentation about creating forms of human-AI intelligence.

By creating forms of human-AI intelligence we aim to support the individual and social wellbeing of people. We illustrate this with examples of Human-AI decision making, and human-robot teamwork. With the aim in mind of creating responsible AI we depart from the position that we aim to enhance or augment human intelligence, not to replace humans. The implication of this is that from the start we have to design for the co-activities that human and AI will undertake and pay special attention of the interdependencies between human activities and those of the AI. We then go to the next level by discussing how such hybrid intelligent systems can perform self-reflection on their performance, and based on that adapt their activities and measurable criteria for behaving responsibly.

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