Deltaweek: workshop Citizen Voices in Biodiversity

This event is part of the Deltaweek and our 182nd Dies Natalis

As the climate crisis intensifies, the importance of biodiversity is increasingly being recognised as an integral part of climate action plans. Leading cities like Rotterdam and The Hague have already taken steps to monitor and enhance urban biodiversity. 

The Citizen Voices in Biodiversity (BIO-CiVo) initiative, part of the Resilient Delta Kick-starter project, is developing a digital platform aimed at involving citizens in discussions about biodiversity. The platform empowers citizens to explore the intersection of biodiversity with their daily activities, community values and personal interests, facilitating the creation of localized biodiversity scenarios.

In this workshop, the project team and participants will delve into the design of the BIO-CiVo platform, via interaction with various prototypes. This interactive session will include a brief presentation of the project and the research behind the platform design, along with short exercises and explorations of various platform features. We encourage attendees to engage with the platform, offer feedback on its design, and potentially establish connections by sharing their practical experiences or research cases.

Join us in this workshop to contribute to the ongoing development of the BIO-CiVo platform and foster a collective understanding of biodiversity's crucial role in the face of the climate crisis.

Everybody is welcome! Participation is free.

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