As a PhD candidate you will have

  • a workplace at BK City (the Faculty’s home)
  • access to the TU Delft software distribution server
  • access to the in-house library at BK City with its collection of 40,000 books
  • access to the Central TU Delft library and its collection of 700,000 books
  • access to 15,000 journal subscriptions
  • free use of the model shop
  • free photocopying and printing
  • mobile internet at work (Eduroam)
  • access to the TU Delft graduate school courses
  • publication of your thesis

Grants during and after your PhD

The TU Delft Innovation & Impact Centre collects grant- and scholarship opportunities.
Beware and have a good read! Not all necessarily address PhD candidates. But for sure there are many: grants to support a short period abroad for research or courses, grants for ongoing research once you finished, etc.