Join the PhD Thesis Series

Graduate School A+BE provides a unique service for PhD candidates, giving them the opportunity to publish their PhD theses as part of a dedicated series:

The objective is to have the A+BE PhD thesis series included in major scientific indexes and by doing so, increase exposure for its most valuable scientific output. 

Together with Sirene-Ontwerpers, the School has developed a procedure that makes it possible to publish a PhD thesis simultaneously as a hard copy book, an interactive PDF document and an EPUB. 

For candidates who decide to publish their PhD thesis in the A+BE series, the School will provide the number of printed copies of the PhD thesis that are required for the academic procedure at TU Delft at no charge. It will also cover the costs for the layout and the production of the interactive PDF document and the EPUB. 

Hard copies
In addition, candidates can decide to publish their thesis through major online retailers as a print-on-demand (PoD) title. Alternatively, candidates can order a fixed number of hard copies. The School covers the cost of the PoD version but not that of the additional hard copies. 

Tillmann Klein's thesis Integral Facade Construction provides a good example. A+BE published the English summary of the thesis together with the references, and links this content to the interactive PDF and the EPUB version. 

Distribution is based on the principle of Open Access:

PhD thesis series of the TU Delft Graduate School for Architecture and the Built Environment ISSN 2212-3202.

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Open Access Fund

The Central Library manages an Open Access Fund, where PhDs can apply for the Central Library to pay directly to journals to make their article open access. It is a very interesting option, because you can give more visibility to your academic production without asing for financial resources from the section or the department. 

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