PhD Council

Representative members BK-PhD Council

  • MBE: Koray Bingöl and Stefanie Horian
  • Architecture: Mar Muñoz Aparici and Abhijeet Chandel 
  • AE+T: Pablo Martinez Alcaraz and Hamza Basel Hamida 
  • Urbanism: Monica Veras Morais and Lukas Höller 

The BK-PhD Council acts as a representative of all PhD candidates from the four departments of the faculty of Architecture of TU Delft. It creates a platform for PhD candidates to interact socially and develop their research in an optimal way. We support PhD candidates in their collective affairs. We organise meetings for knowledge sharing and stimulating discussions and collaborations. We hold social events to get to know each other better and work as a community. 

We have a position in the Research Council of the Faculty of Architecture and function as a sounding board for Graduate School A+BE where we give feed-back on the educational programme and propose improvements.

The core activities of the BK-Phd Council

The BK-PhD Council