Management in the Built Environment

Management in the Built Environment involves collaboration, innovation and new ways of managing and future-proofing the built environment. We aim to theoretically understand governing, organising and managing in the built environment to design interventions for societal challenges and transitions. Key challenges are achieving energy efficiency, and equity and justice in the built environment and transitioning to a circular built environment. 

The research programme develops novel perspectives and translates these into designing innovative strategies, solutions, methods and tools. We explore and improve governing, organising and managing that can impact future designs in the built environment. The research engages with societal stakeholders and users within and across different functions and scales, and with different project phases and lifecycle stages: from buildings and portfolios to urban areas, and from initiation, design and construction to management, maintenance and redevelopment. We conduct our research activities in three sections: Design and Construction Management, Real Estate Management, and Urban Development Management. 
Our research and education programme aims to develop next-generation leaders in management in the built environment.

Research leader

Dr. Hilde Remøy

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