History and Heritage Vector

The History and Heritage Vector studies policy, theory and methods related to tangible and intangible aspects of our (historic) urban landscapes. It explores how these spaces can be assessed, (re)defined, and used in urban and regional development plans.

The main issue is to connect the history and cultural values of smaller monuments with large-scale landscape architectural structures.The multidisciplinary collaboration allows for identifying cultural landscapes, cities and buildings, choosing appropriate methods and conservation technologies and preparing the ground for new design initiatives.

Research questions

  • What characteristics contribute to the essence of the place (place theory)?
  • What is the meaning of place and place identity, and how are intangible aspects and history being part of this discussion? What is the essence of heritage landscapes?
  • What is the cultural value of cities? What elements of the built heritage can accelerate spatial development and contribute to a regional driven identity?  


Would you like to know more about this research theme or discuss the possibilities for cooperation? Please contact the research leaders:

Ir. G.A. Verschuure
Prof.dr.ing. C.M. Hein