Façade leasing

A research team within the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is developing a circular business model based on the use of multifunctional façades as performance delivering tools. Under this scheme, the client is no longer the owner of a number of building components, but instead leases them from the manufacturer through the use of long-term service contracts.

This strategy could increase the rate and depth of building renovations - updating a large number of university and other commercial buildings in urgent need of technical retrofit -, accelerate the market uptake of new building technologies, and optimize the reuse and recycling of components and materials within the construction industry.   


Programme: EIT ClimateKIC
Project Initiator and Coordinator: TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology, Department of Management in the Built Environment 
Main Partners: EIT ClimateKIC, AluEco | VMRG, `TU Delft CRE
Industry Partners: Alkondor Hengelo, Alcoa Kawneer | Hueck | Reynards | Sapa | Schüco, Aldowa, De Haan Westerhoff, Kindow, MHZ, Panelen Holland, Real Capital Systems, Renson, Scheuten, Schuurman, Somfy, Trox, VML Technologies 
Researchers: Ir. Juan Azcarate-Aguerre, Dr.-Ing. Tillmann Klein
Duration: 01/2015 – Ongoing

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Façade Leasing pilot project at TU Delft


Ir. Juan Azcarate-Aguerre and Dr.-Ing. Tillmann Klein