Modular Office Renovation

In order to future-proof tomorrow’s built environment, MOR’s proposal seeks to develop a renovation strategy for underperforming office buildings that turns them into net-positive and multi-purpose buildings. Providing affordable rental housing for starters is one of the aims of the project. This is possible by implementing a highly adaptable design at all scales, the integration of sharing economy and community-building principles, as well as five net-positive aspects. 

The strategy allows MOR to tackle two major challenges within the Netherlands. Namely, all offices with an energy label lower then C are prohibited from 2023, this leads to a huge renovation task to upgrade the existing building stock. The second challenge is the lack of affordable housing, which translates to a need for 1 million new homes by 2030.

MOR competed in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019, where the team set a world record by receiving 8 out of the 10 awards. The pavilion resembles a cut-out from the Marconi Towers showcasing a 50 m2 apartment with a 25 m2 indoor garden. In the pavilion the modules, community-buildings and 5net+ aspects are represented. The interior of the pavilion is built out of 3 modules, creating an adaptable living area that feels bigger in size due to the flexibility and functionality of the modules. Community-building is represented on the deck around the prototype where you find common functions like a lounge area, food production and common bikes.


Funder:Solar Decathlon Europe 2019
TU Delft
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate
De Groot en Visser
TBI: JP van Eesteren
TBI: Croonwolter&dros
and 75 more sponsors
Role TU Delft: TU Delft competition team for Solar Decathlon Europe 2019
Project duration:Start: September 2017
Competition: July 2019
Ongoing further development
TU Delft researchers:                Student team supported by Andy van den Dobbelsteen
Ing. Peter de Jong

Project partners

Solar Decathlon Europe 2019, TU Delft, ABN AMRO Bank, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, De Groot en Visser, TBI: JP van Eesteren, TBI: Croonwolter&dros and 75 more sponsors


Siem van Sluijs