Smart Campus Tools

The Smart campus tools project researches how technology can support universities to make more effective and efficient use of their campus. The research collects cases at both universities and corporates, and studies both the implemented smart campus tools and their use in campus decision-making processes.

Examples of smart tools as used by universities or other organisations (e.g. ABN AMRO, Microsoft)

Financed partly by the Dutch universities, the project has included a network of more than 30 public and private organisations working on the subject, in which knowledge is generated and shared to support universities in their campus development and management.


Funder:Dutch universities
Overall budget:€ 310.000
Grant amount:€ 310.000
Contribution to TU Delft: € 150.000
Role TU Delft: Project partner
Project duration:January 2016 - January 2021
TU Delft researchers:       Alexandra den Heijer
Ir. Monique Arkesteijn MBA Alexander Koutamanis
Ir. Bart Valks

Project partners

Facility Management Directors of 14 Dutch universities, Property Management Radboud University, Campus and Real Estate TU Delft


Ir. Monique Arkesteijn MBA