1. Learning how to study

It's not how smart you are that matters, what really counts is how you are smart
- Howard Gardner, psychologist Harvard University

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Welcome to this series of short videos of the Delft Technical University. We will share a lot with you: 

  • Mindset
  • The working of the brain
  • The Circle of Academic Success
  • Time management
  • Setting priorities
  • Organising focus
  • How to prepare for your test?
  • Beating procrastination
  • Dealing with stress

That was WAY too fast … but oh well…. 
Let’s begin with wonderful and the most important fact of all: you can learn how to study!

Let’s take it from the beginning.Check this. Did you know that

  • success in high school does not guarantee success at the university?
  • but also, that less success in high school does NOT mean you cannot be successful at university?

The difference? A higher degree of storing, processing and applying study material is expected with an academic study.

At the university there is 

  • more material 
  • more complex material 
  • a faster pace 
  • more integrated and application-oriented thinking

You have to act and resolve more yourself and there is a new social environment and everything that comes with it.

Wonderful if that all will work out. And as far as we are concerned … it will!

The good news? It turns out that in higher education, your behavior is mainly a determining factor for study success, often more than your IQ.
Think of planning, setting priorities, increasing concentration, preventing procrastination, but also dealing with setbacks and disappointments, all those kinds of things.

All of this you can influence yourself!

In this series of videos we show how you can do that. Here they are: [overview]

The most important message: you can learn to study.

Oh. And if you do the SelfScan Study Success, you will receive customized advice, including links to information sheets and worksheets. 

We wish you loads of fun, discoveries and try-outs. 
Let’s start travelling the road to study success!