2. The brain is all about networks

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Learning is organizing or reorganizing networks of nerve cells in your brain. It's all about networking.

If we zoom in, you can see this: the brain consists of around 85 billion nerve cells. In and around ....
One nerve cell or neuron has contact with thousands, sometimes 200,000 other nerve cells. So it's about trillions of connections. More than there are stars in the cosmos ...

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Sensory information, everything you hear, see, touch, feel, smell, travels through your brain in the form of electricity. Sometimes with 400 kilometers per hour.

At the end of a nerve cell, that electricity translates into the release of chemical substances, neurotransmitters. They make you feel the way you feel. On the other side of the gap the impulse travels further in the form of electricity.

If you think, feel or do something more often, the number of receiving lines of a nerve cell, the dendrites, increases. So they can make more connections. This is how networks are created.
Fire and wire’: when neurons fire together, they will wire together.

The more often you go through networks, for example by repeating or applying study material, the larger, more robust and extensive the networks become.

The brain is busy every second connecting and adjusting, connecting and adjusting. 24/7. The brain never sleeps.

Fun and motivation ensure the release of substances that help strengthen networks.
Stress hinders the creation or use of networks.

You can expand and strengthen networks (of knowledge and skills, but also networks of positive thoughts and feelings), yourself. Through new skills and strategies. Think of repeating study material, time management, explaining study material aloud, making practice exams, setting priorities, studying together, preparing for a specific type of test. And there are still endless possibilities.

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Do you want to feel better? Do you want a better result? Steer and control your brain. It’s yours!