Mini Courses

Tips about (decision)stress, procrastination, career skills and teamwork

We all sometimes suffer from stress, having difficulty making choices, or lack motivation. Usually this happens only for a short period of time, because we eventually are able to make the choice, or finish the assignment in time so that we donโ€™t feel stressed anymore. However, sometimes we suffer a lot from (choice) stress or procrastination and is it difficult to deal with it. 
To help with this, Career & Counselling Services has developed a series of mini-courses with explanations and tips on five different topics: (decision) stress, procrastination, teamwork and career skills. Check out the videos and hopefully the tips will help you get back on track. Good luck!


Decision stress? You can learn from every choice

Teamwork, learn how you can collaborate better

Learn how to use stress to your advantage

What do you tell potential employers about yourself?

Recognising and dealing with procrastination