Information for (future) students

If you have a disability and are studying or would like to study at TU Delft, you will probably be keen to know what facilities TU Delft can offer you and how you can apply for them.

Prospective students

If you register via Studielink for a degree programme at TU Delft, you will be asked if you would like to receive more information about studying with a disability at TU Delft. If you say yes, you will receive three emails with information. These include among other things the option to arrange an exploratory intake consultation with your academic counsellor. During this meeting, to which you can bring a parent or carer if you wish, we will discuss the situation at the faculty and the differences with your prior education. We will try to translate the help you are currently receiving to the circumstances at TU Delft.

Through Horizon you can request two standard facilities directly online: extra time in tests and exams and a free license text-to-speech software.

Current students/ diagnosis during your degree programme

If you are diagnosed with a disability during the course of your degree programme, or if you did not have an exploratory intake consultation with your academic counsellor at the start of your degree programme, you should make an appointment with the academic counsellor of your faculty as soon as possible. Together you can explore what customised facilities are possible.

Customised solutions

At TU Delft, we try to offer customised solutions based on your experiences in your prior education. You can discuss with your academic counsellor what specific facilities are appropriate and necessary for you. Please be aware that it may not be possible to provide a customised solution to every need. See this flyer for more information on customised solutions.

Medical certificate

If you think you will need extra facilities, please take a medical certificate showing your diagnosis to the meeting with the academic counsellor.

More information?

You can find more information about possible facilities offered by TU Delft and what you can do yourself in this overview.

You can also email any questions you have to