Board of Studies

What does the Board of Studies do?

Every programme has a Board of Studies (OC in Dutch). Both students and lecturers are represented equally (50/50) in the OC. Members are appointed by the dean of each faculty

A guide is available for the Board of Studies. It shows how the Board of Studies can make a valuable contribution to a degree programme's quality of education, as the critical conscience of a programme.

In addition to this guide, a workshop for members of the Board of Studies is available. This workshop is free of charge for BoS participants from the TU Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam. Please register via Education and Studentaffairs by sending an e-mail to You will then receive a confirmation and a preparation assignment.

Sounding board
The board of studies safeguards the quality of the programmes and is the sounding board for the study programmes at the faculty. The OC advises the dean about the education and examination of a programme.The OC also advises the Programme Coordinator about all other aspects of the education in a certain study programme. It can also react to suggestions of students and lecturer, so make your suggestions for improvent heard at members of the OC at your faculty