Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Graduation opportunities

2022-09-18 | Graduation Opportunity Testing of a disruptive seating technology, Qumulus/Spark design & innovation b.v.

Qumulus Seating offers a rare opportunity to learn first-hand in a team of professionals in industrial design, physiology and business development in the development and execution of a methodology for testing the user experience and the effects of a highly innovative car seating technology on fatigue.

2022-09-18 | Graduation Opportunity Infection control link nurses; How can we help them in assuming their role, Amsterdam VUmc

To improve adherence to infection prevention and control measures, many IPC teams collaborate with infection prevention link nurses; a strategy that is implemented in acute care hospitals worldwide. The goal of this graduation project is to redesign or personalize the support for link nurses so that it will fit their needs.

2022-09-18 | Graduation Opportunity Development of a new method for internal tissue closure in a laparoscopic setting, Spaarne Gasthuis Hoofddorp and Spark Design & Innovation

In a previous master’s thesis, a new method for tissue closure has been explored on the example of gastric bypass procedure. The embodiment of the product in form of further development of the mechanics and ergonomics is needed. The goal is to have a functioning prototype and to reach the “proof of concept”.

2022-09-18 | Graduation Opportunity Circular packaging to deliver online ordered flowers to consumers, Chrysal International

In this graduation project you will investigate the preconditions of a circular packaging for sending flowers to consumers and develop and test various prototypes in collaboration with the R&D department and external partners.

2022-09-15 | Afstudeeropdracht “Heel Nederland met een helm op de fiets!”, t Erasmus Medisch Centrum, TU Delft, ANWB

Trend research in de huidige helmbranche (markt- en tech trends), inclusief consumenten onderzoek. Denk hierbij aan het in kaart brengen en analyseren van verschillende contexten (sport, woon-werk, recreaCe) en gedrag van fietsers in hun keuze om wel/niet een helm te dragen. Dit alles voor verschillende doelgroepen (kinderen, volwassenen, ouderen).

2022-09-01 | Graduation Opportunity Materials and Sustainability, SODAQ

SODAQ is looking for a graduate student with interest in creating and implementing a strategy for less environmental impact on the mechanical parts of products. This includes the materials (plastics), manufacturing techniques, changes in design process, design for repairability and more.

2022-09-01 | Graduation Opportunity Exploring sustainable improvements in Floor Care packaging, Philips DA

This graduation assignment is about bringing the various viewpoints on product packaging together and exploring different options to offer a superior packaging and unpack experience with the ability to satisfy the different needs. Ultimately this would lead to a proposal/guideline for the structural packs for our Floor Care solutions.

2022-09-01 | Graduation Opportunity Enhancing the support strategy for our Philips Floor Care solutions, Philips DA

The question in this graduation project is how Phillips could further enhance the support strategy, bringing a more holistic and inclusive overall support approach, and ideally as a result are even able to improve the experiences of floor care solutions earlier in the projects?

2022-08-28 | Graduation Opportuniy Consumer preference for distinctive design of expressive products: the influence of brand strength, DOS department

Interested in consumer product perception? This research-focused graduation project investigates how consumer preference for distinctive design differs with brand strength.

2022-08-28 | Graduation Opportunity Package design: when is a similar or a distinctive looking package better, DOS department

This research-focused graduation project looks at the influence of a distinctive looking package on consumer perceptions for packaged (supermarket) goods, with a possible focus on sustainable packaging.

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