Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Graduation opportunities

2022-08-28 | Afstudeeropdracht Lespakket voor het Technasium, Repurpose Ontwerp

De hogeschool van Amsterdam, Centre of Expertise, Urban Technology zoeken wij een afstudeerder die een Repurpose-lespakket gaat ontwikkelen voor middelbare scholen. Dit is een vervolg op het onderzoek naar Repurpose Driven Design en heeft als doel om scholieren kennis te laten maken met het ontwerpen van producten uit reststromen (afval).

2022-08-23 | Afstudeeropdracht Irritgatiesysteem voor groei op locatie of Modulair paneelsysteem, Respyre

Voor deze afstudeeropdracht van Respyre zijn twee ontwerp richtingen. Voor de begroeiing van mos op beton is een efficiënt, modulair en waterzuinig irrigatiesysteem nodig zodat het mos de eerste drie maanden voorzien is van beregening. Een tweede ontwerp richting is het ontwerpen van een methode om de mos panelen slim op elkaar te stapelen om een tijdelijke wand, schutting of banner te vormen.

2022-08-15 | Graduation Opportunity Developing hardware-driven puppeteering interfaces, DelftDesignLabs

DelftDesignLabs is looking for motivated students from either the IPD or DfI tracks with skill and interest in interaction design research and functional prototyping in the context of human-robot interaction and smart products. Follow the link for the vacancy. 

2022-08-15 | Graduation Opportunity Designing Future Visions with DALL, TU Delft

This graduation project explores the question: how might AI-assisted visualization help facilitate the communication of positive or negative future visions capable of motivating collective effort in key areas of human social development?

2022-08-15 | Graduation Opportunity Bringing circularity to organisations, The Bin

The Bin helps companies towards circularity, through developing solutions for their waste. The Bin develops a model that 'follows waste', just like a customer journey. The graduation project will focus on further develop the model and test and evaluate with real companies.

2022-08-08 | Graduation Opportunity Vision on Smart Farming Technologies, Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan develops vegetable varieties and sell the seeds produced from them globally to the growers. In this graduation project the challenge is to design a vision and develop concepts on how Rijk Zwaan can service the growers by using smart farming technologies.

2022-08-08 | Graduation Opportunity Reaching and motivating youngsters with eating disorders by eHealth, GZZ Rivierduinen

Featback is a fully automated online self-help program for people with eating problems or an eating disorder, developed by GGZ Rivierduinen Eating Disorders Ursula and University of Heidelberg (DE). The current design project aims to increase the reach and uptake of the Featback app to younsters.

2022-08-08 | Graduation Opportunity Noise overload padel courts, DutchPanna

DutchPanna is an international manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and sustainable panna, football and sports cages. Padel is the fastest growing sport, however, there is a problem in the high noise pollution that a padel court produces. The goal for this project is to develop something that ensures that the padel courts have a sound-damping effect.

2022-08-08 | Graduation Opportunity Female Optimized Backpack, SCOTT Sports

SCOTT Sports is a leader in the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of high-end performance products intended for Biking, Wintersport, Motosport and Running. Goal of the project is to design a hybrid backpack suitable for fast-hiking, MTB and trail running with female optimized sizes, features and accessories.

2022-08-08 | Graduation Opportunity Affective interactive smart textiles, TU Delft and CWI

At the CWI (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) research is conducted at the intersection of human computer interaction, affective computing, and artificial intelligence. In the project the student will develop a smart textile device in Delft and setup and perform a series of user interaction experiments at the CWI in Amsterdam.

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