Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Graduation opportunities

2020-12-18 | Graduation Opportunity Codesign of an app for children with a growth disorder, Erasmus MC & ESHPM

The goal of this graduation project is to critically examine the first concept of Groeispurt, conduct research on user needs related to the solution and (re)designing together with the targeted stakeholders

2020-12-10 | Graduation Opportunity Nutrition for low-income consumers, Bopinc

Bopinc is looking for a graduating student who is interested developing a behaviour change campaign for an SME in Kenya that increases the uptake of nutritious products among low-income consumers

2020-12-10 | Graduation Opportunity Improving LCA Software User Interface, TU Delft

The goal of this graduation project is to improve the user interface of LCA software by designing, user testing, iterating, and writing actual code for a functioning web-based application.

2020-12-10 | Graduation Opportunity Circular & Sustainable 3D Printing, TU Delft

The goal of this project is to develop and test new 3D printing recipes that bring the quality of 3D paste extrusion up to match ABS.

2020-12-09 | Graduation Opportunity Wearable Cooling Solution, Inutech

The goal of this graduation project is to develop and evaluate an advanced wearable liquid cooling system, featuring effective heat exchange and practical usability

2020-12-09 | Graduation Opportunity Health service for pregnant women, Erasmuc MC & TU Delft

The goal of this graduation project is to develop a service that utilizes a digital twins for the healthcare of pregnant women.

2020-12-09 | Graduation Opportunity Customisable splint ring, Tjelp Design & Fieldlab UPPS

The goal of this project is to develop a method to design splint which can easily be adapted to personal measurements

2020-12-04 | Graduation Opportunity Serious Social gaming, Being A Designer

Being a designer is looking for a graduating student who is interested in further researching and developing a serious gaming concept that has the goal to stimulate the intelligent use of Social media platforms.

2020-12-04 | Graduation Opportunity Physical activity interventions for workers with physical demanding jobs, TU Delft & Amsterdam UMC

The goal of this graduation opportunity is to design a physical activity intervention for people with a physical demanding job

2020-12-04 | Graduation Opportunity Mixed Reality exercise games in healthcare, Holomoves

The goal of this project is to optimize the experience of patients in the hospital using a Augmented Reality glass for Health Games.

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