Improving innovation performance through effective design leadership

22 november 2023 09:00 t/m 23 november 2023 17:30 - Locatie: IDE | Zet in mijn agenda

Innovation is key for companies to prosper, but challenging at the same time. Companies need to cope with rapid technological evolution, complex innovation dynamics, and urgent societal challenges. Research has shown that strategic design practices can play a leading role in tackling these challenges, steering innovation towards successful outcomes.

This IDE Design Master Class for Professionals will be led by IDE Associate Professor Giulia Calabretta.

The deadline to apply is 10 November 2023

About the IDE Master Classes for Professionals

This IDE Master Class is aimed at professionals who would like to take a more strategic role in the innovative efforts of companies, and who want to go beyond executing new product/service design briefs. With a fully renewed content, the Master Class will focus on a practice-based and research-validated process for growing design into a strategic partner for companies wanting to innovate meaningfully and successfully. Covered topics will include aspects like setting up a design strategy, organizing the design function in the right way, interacting with stakeholders, running strategic design projects and nurturing the design team. During the course participants will set up a long-term plan for scaling the impact of design and identify a set of tactics to get started with it. Furthermore, the course will make participants reflect on the most appropriate mindset and leadership style to operate in strategic contexts.