Orchestrating Smart Charging in mass Deployment (OSCD) project

Project description

The goal of the Orchestrating Smart Charging in mass Deployment (OSCD) project is to enable mass EV deployment in the most economical way while sustaining grid services and utilizing renewable energy. This is approached by orchestrating smart charging and it can eventually lead to the reduction of CO2 emission.

The emergence of electric driving and sustainable charging is an essential component in Europe’s shift to a low-carbon economy. Last year, the European Commission published a strategy for low-emission mobility. Here it states that “Europe needs to accelerate the transition towards low- and zero-emission vehicles”.  On the basis of the OSCD project, DSOs will have access to tools and grid-services enabling new and disruptive business models for e-mobility parties. Through this, the DSOs can improve and influence the charging process to reduce the grid expansion costs, which helps in creating benefits for the economy and society.

In this project, we want to unleash the power of flexibility towards all the requesters. We research the hypothesis that the aggregated EVs can deliver (almost) all the flexibility which is needed (proven by simulation). Furthermore, we wan to provide the necessary developments in ‘equipment’ for that. Finally, we will visualize and explain the challenges and the solutions in different ‘grid-constellations’.

In this project, different systems will get information about the amount of energy existing in real time and control the usage with smart charging algorithms. The different flexibility requesters and the EV users will be satisfied by the developments after all. The plan includes innovative ideas to understand the situation specific challenges in an integrated way. The plan analyzes the situation based on real and simulated mass data, taking into account the grid complexity. All those tools will together assist in tuning the algorithms.

We combine an academic and operational approach, leading to innovative, disruptive and advanced practical solutions that will improve existing protocols and enables the orchestrating of various interfaces and transactions. A better EV charging environment and a balanced grid are the results. The project team has unique knowledge, tools and mass deployment capabilities that enable us to visualize the challenge and create innovative solutions and also test it in mass production.

Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli

Pavol Bauer