Corona discharge modeling at high frequency

My research project focuses on the simulation modelling of corona discharge when the AC frequency is high to 1kHz. The properties of both positive and negative corona discharges have been well studied. Negative corona can results in Trichel pulse corona, while positive corona will results in streamer corona. However, the corona discharge in a sinusoidal AC waveform is not a simple superposition of these two cases. The change of voltage polarity changes the direction of ions movement in the space and hence the corona characteristics can be dependent to the frequency of applied voltage. On the other hand, a comprehensive numerical study of the corona regimes in AC corona discharges is still in a research gap, which can help improve the understanding and classification of corona discharge processes. Therefore, numerical study of AC corona discharge is necessary to help understand the AC corona regimes and explain the phenomena observed in the experiments.

Zhifeng Guo