Medium-frequency transformer performance in solid-state transformers applications

Project description

The solid-state transformer (SST) is a solution to overcome some drawbacks of conventional line-frequency transformers (LFTs). The main idea here is to employ a higher frequency to decrease the size and weight of the transformer. Moreover, an SST can control the power flow and protect the system. One of the applications of the SST is in green hydrogen production, where wind farms energise the electrolysers. Since this application requires high power, a three-phase SST is considered for this project. 

The project's primary goal is to investigate the performance of medium-frequency transformers (MFTs) in solid-state transformers (SSTs) applications. This includes examining how they operate under different load conditions, how they respond to various input voltages, and how their efficiency can be improved. Additionally, the project aims to explore the feasibility of using high-power MFTs and identify potential design improvements that can be made to enhance their performance.

The research involves theoretical analysis, numerical simulation, and experimental validation. The theoretical analysis consists in developing mathematical models to describe the behaviour of medium-frequency transformers in SST applications. These models are used to predict the performance of the transformers under various conditions and to identify the factors that affect their efficiency and reliability.

Numerical simulations validate the theoretical models and explore the transformers' behaviour under different operating conditions. These simulations involve using the finite elements method (FEM) to simulate the transformers' behaviour and analyse the results to gain insights into their performance.

Finally, experimental validation will involve testing the medium-frequency transformers in a laboratory setting to confirm the theoretical analysis and numerical simulation findings. This will include building and testing prototype transformers, measuring their performance, and comparing the results to the predictions of the theoretical models and numerical simulations.

The project has the potential to significantly contribute to the field of SSTs by improving our understanding of the behaviour of medium-frequency transformers and identifying potential design improvements that can enhance their performance. The findings from the project could lead to the development of more efficient and reliable SSTs, which could significantly impact the future of power distribution systems.

Supervisor: Mohamad Ghaffarian Niasar: 

Prof. Ir. Peter Vaessen: 
Prof. Dr. Ir. Pavol Bauer: 

Reza Mirzadarani