Electronics for Robotics


This minor offers you a wide range of courses and an integrating project, enabling you to build up insight and develop knowledge and skills in the field of Electrical Engineering (EE). You will then be able to make use of this insight and instruments your own (major) discipline. At the same time, with EE devices and solutions being ubiquitous in all branches of technology, understanding the foundations of EE as offered in this minor will be a real asset in your future career as an engineer.

Knowledge and skills are best validated via challenging and exciting projects. This minor converges towards such an integrating project where you will opportunely valorise your efforts invested in the various minor’s topics.

In short: Do you want to pursue your present major discipline? This minor will help you broaden your horizon and enable you to find unexpected solutions. Do you see yourself as a potential EE MSc student? This minor will allow you to validate your dream and will provide you with instruments to self-assess your readiness to enrol in such a programme. Contact the minor coordinator Nick van der Meijs for more information.

Intended for

This minor is of special interest to students in Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. Note that the students from Computer Science that already had the course CSE2420 â€śDigital Systems” in their programme must replace this course by the course CSE2220 â€śSignal Processing”.

All lectures of this minor will be given in English.

Learning objectives

The minor offers the following educational programme:

  • Build-up knowledge and skills in the elementary disciplines of EE
  • Build-up knowledge and skills to analyse and solve electrotechnic problems
  • Develop capabilities to identify electrotechnic aspects in the major field of education
  • Evaluate the potential use of various electrotechnic solutions in the major field of education

Courses in the minor

The minor offers the following educational programme:

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