IDE's Karl Heinz Samenjo shares his story at OAY ‘21-‘22

Nieuws - 09 september 2021 - Communication

At this year’s Opening of the Academic Year ceremony, IDE PhD researcher Karl Heinz Samenjo took to the stage to share his story. Inspired by the event’s theme, ‘current dreams of global impact’, Karl talked about his vision of creating circular designs for medical product service-systems in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Karl’s dream and PhD research go hand-in-hand. His research (under the supervision of Professor Conny Bakker and Associate Professor JC Diehl) involves developing local producible medical devices for low-to-middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Devices like the Schistoscope, which can help diagnose schistosomiasis in Nigeria.

As a PhD researcher at IDE’s Inclusive Global Health Lab, Karl is also one of its co-directors, alongside Associate Professor JC Diehl. Last year, AED, JMP, and graduations student projects took place under the umbrella of “Design for Inclusive Global Health” - an area that Karl is very familiar with. To learn more about the Inclusive Global Health Lab, click here.

Our dream still remains to keep developing medical devices that fit the context and the culture of Sub-Saharan African countries. And we know that we must have succeeded when we begin to see most of the African countries having their own eco-systems with medical devices that guarantees and provides access to healthcare for all.

-IDE PhD researcher Karl Heinz Samenjo, OAY ‘21-‘22

To watch Karl’s inspiring talk at OAY ‘21-’22 and learn more about his PhD research, watch the video below. The talk starts at 26 minutes 20 seconds.