Research skills courses

Research competences and skills courses

For research competencies and skills, you can earn credits by doing Learning on the Job activities (minimum of 5 GS credits) as well as courses. The content of the Doctoral Education programme is something you will discuss with your supervisory team, who will be  responsible for both the content and the quality of your programme. Once a year, the School will check your progress in DMA to see whether all the courses you have followed are in conformance with the regulations, are in the right category, have a certificate up-loaded in DMA, etc. You will receive an email if we have any remarks or questions.

As a reminder

  • When following MSc courses: 1 ECTS = 1 GS credit (exam must be passed)
  • Courses offered by research schools or other courses at the PhD level: 1 day (8–12 hrs) = 1 GS credit.
  • There is a limit of 5 GS credits for each course (this applies to all courses, even summer schools).
  • You can obtain a maximum of 10 GS credits via online learning. 

Course suggestions

At Graduate School A+BE

At Research schools

Online courses

and other MOOC providers (e.g. edX, MIT OpenCourseWare, Stanford online) offer a variety of courses that could be valuable to PhD researchers. Individual universities and graduate schools are beginning to do so as well. Search the web!

Followed by A+BE PhD candidates:

Course check

Have you found a course offered by an external party but are not sure about its quality? Or the number of credits to be earned? Perhaps whether adjustment is an option? Then contact the Graduate Office.

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