Architectural Engineering + Technology

PhD Projects

PhD candidate  PhD research 
Ahmed Felimban Envelope integrated Strategies for Solar Management in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Alexander Liu Cheng Design, development, and implementation of an open and decentralized: Robotically Assisted/Augmented Living framework based on Design to Robotic Production and Operation principles
Alvaro Balderrama Facade Design in the Urban Soundscape
Amneh Hamida Optimizing the Indoor Soundscapes for Fulfilling the Acoustical Preferences and Needs of Students
Ana Tarrafa Pereira da Silva Bridging heritage conservation and urban development in spatial planning policies: Exploring policy integrations dynamics in Portugal
Ding Yang Design as Exploration: Multi-objective and Multi-disciplinary Design Exploration and Optimization of Indoor Sports Buildings
Eftychia Kalogianni  3D Cadastres within the spatial development chain
Erica Ding  Optimization of Ventilation Strategies for Healthy Indoor Air Quality Conditions in School Classrooms
Hamza Hamida Solar Cooling as Building Product: A framework to support product widespread application of solar cooling integrated facades
Jos Lans  Operating Room ventilation systems, a view from different perspectives
Juan F. Azcarate-Aguerre Facades as a service
Mahda Foroughi  Consensus-building in Participatory Heritage management 
Marcel Cardinali  Urban Green Health Relations in Deprived European Neighbourhoods
Marjolein Overtoom The (Temporary) Transformation of Vacant Buildings from a User-Perspective
Mingxue Zheng Knowledge-based 3D Mapping of Urban Scenes from Point Clouds
Exploiting a Hierarchy of Features and Scales
Nan Bai  Social Inclusion in Cultural Heritage Planning 
Paul Denz Smart Textile Skins: Functional and constructional integration of smart textiles into the building skin
Prateek Wahi  Energy Renovations for Lower Temperature Disctrict Heating 
Raquel Viula A multivariable approach to the analysis of visual comfort of classrooms
with daylight: towards design guidance 
Tess Blom  Symbiotically Integrated Vertical Farms
Wang Pan A Computation Strategy for the Conceptual Designs of Indoor Sports Arenas: supporting the integration of the multi-functional space and long-span roof structure