PhD Projects

PhD candidate  PhD research 
Agata Troost Neighbourhood Histories and Individual Outcomes: The Cyclical Nature of Opportunities and Choices
Anna Labetski Generalisation of 3D city models
Ashraf Shaharudin Business models for open data intermediaries toward sustainable open data ecosystems
Birgit Hausleitner Structuring the coexistence of living and working for a liveable city-Case Amsterdam
Bujar Nushi The STIG: Stress-Test for Infrastructures of Geographic Information
Daniela Maiullari SPACE-ENERGY Patterns. Developing a conceptual tool for Energy Sensitive Urban Design
Foteini Setaki Acoustic Design and Additive Manufacturing
Geert van der Meulen Decolonising Water-Sensitive Urban Design
Gent Shehu  Black Box, or the Myth of the Data-driven Glasshouse
Lorenzo Dalla Corte Safeguarding data Protection in an Open data World (SPOW)
Md Mustiafiz Al Mamun  A 'NUW' water landscape-based morphological approach for balanced peri-urban design, planning, and pactice

Monica Veras Morais 

Design and governance of collective domestic gardens for social resilience

Nuha Al Sader The role of entrepeneurship in citizen-led urban regeneration
Raquel Hadrich Silva Renegotiating culture to achieve water sensitivity for coastal cities in India
Rusne Sileryte A Framework to Assess Impact Significanse
Shenglan Du Push-the-Boundary: Boundary-aware Semantic Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds 
Ulf Hackauf Spatializing Urban Metabolism – Analysing the spatial relationship between urban metabolism and urban design through a parametric design study
Yizhao Du  Building up a cooperative framework: 
engaging secondary cities towards sustainable regions in Chinda