Spatial Planning & Strategy

The Spatial planning & Strategy section consists of a team of urbanists and planners from all over the globe. We focus on (i) international and European territorial governance and policy making, (ii) contemporary methods of spatial planning as well as spatial planning instruments, (iii) territorial evidence and (spatial planning) impact assessment, and (iv) the political dimension of planning. By doing so, we contribute to theories of spatial planning and build on the SP&S section’s strong tradition of international comparative approaches, and vision and strategy making. Spatial Planning in Delft has a self-evident relation with the design disciplines focusing on (the development and transformation of) spatial form, patterns, structures and composition.

We are particularly interested in how intervention through spatial planning can meet the challenges of territorial management in the context of the growing complexity of networked urban regions, and the growing need for more resilient, fair and healthy cities. We undertake international case studies and cross-national research on global and European cities and regions and the planning tools they use.

We contribute to teaching and supervision at bachelor, master and PhD level. We are particularly proud of our PhD candidates, of our successful master studios Planning Complex Cities (MSc Urbanism graduation studio), Spatial Strategies for the Global Metropolis (MSc2 Urbanism), and the MSc Globalization elective studio, and of our courses on the basics of planning (bachelor Bouwkunde), on theory and methods (MSc Urbanism and MSc MADE – AMS Institute), and on urban geography (master elective).

Staff also make a considerable contribution to the work of the International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU). We are a member of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) and one of the founding partners of its Regional Design thematic group. 

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Dr. Caroline Newton


Karin Visser