Would you like to have more information about extra counselling, special requirements and/or services, please send an email to Your email will be kept confidential. Upon receipt, we will contact you as soon as possible.

In order to give you the best possible service, we strongly recommend you enquire about the facilities and possibilities available well in advance of your prospect study period in Delft.

You can directly contact the following persons. Who you should contact depends on the particular situation:

Academic counsellor

The faculty academic counsellor is the first person to contact for matters related to your academic studies. You can discuss with him or her what you need in terms of counseling and services: the student counsellor knows the various channels and possibilities available to you. He/she can also help you to adapt to your academic degree program: Sometimes student counsellors refer you to the university student counsellor*.


The psychologists offer help to students with difficulties that stand in the way of good studying, on individual basis as well as in groups*. More information can be found here.

University student counsellor

The university student counsellor offer advice about all matters that are not directly related to academic issues, such as student financial aid, university regulations and material provisions*.

Student assistants

Horizon's student assistants can offer you practical help, for example by showing you around TU Delft regarding studying with a disability or by supporting you with application procedures. Since they are also students at TU Delft, they can help you further based on their own experiences.

*All discussions with academic counsellors, psychologists, student counsellors and student assistants are strictly confidential.

Meet the team

Suze-Anne van Geffen
Student counsellor

Available: Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri

Suze-Anne is a  Master of Laws and a coach/counsellor and has over 20 years of experience in guiding students in higher education. Since 2006 she has been working at TU Delft as a student counsellor. Her main points are advising about the regulations for financial support and guiding students, who are studying with a disability.

Iva Lievens
Student counsellor

Available: Mon-Tue-Fri

Iva Lievens is a student counsellor at TU Delft since January 2021. She has master’s degrees in both Law and Psychology and has over 8 years of experience in guiding students in higher education. Iva coordinates the Study Buddy project. Students with a disability or students with questions about financial support can meet her at the open hour.

Stephanie Meulemans
Student counsellor

Available: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thur-Fri

Stephanie Meulemans has been working as a student counsellor at TU Delft since 2010. She studied Facility Management at the HHS and Social Issues and Policy at the VU. As a student, she experienced what it is like to study with a disability (psychological problems). In her role as student counsellor she has followed various courses in the field of coaching/supervision and solution-oriented discussion techniques. She is currently also project leader for a number of projects related to studying with a disability, such as the establishment of Horizon.

Ton Valk
Student counsellor

Available: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thur

Ton Valk has been a student counsellor at TU Delft since 2018. Earlier he has been working as an academic counsellor and projectmanager at several faculties. Students with a disability or students who need advice about regulations for financial support can meet him at the open hour or can make an appointment.

Fabian Hoogedijk

Hello, my name is Fabian Hoogedijk I am a third year student of Industrial Design Engineering. This year I will be helping at Horizon. I was raised in Spain and came to the Netherlands a few years ago to study here, so I have some experience with the drawbacks that this can originate. I am motivated to help the students that come to us at horizon and find the best solution to their questions.

Fem de Jong

Fem de Jong has been studying at TU Delft since 2018. She started with a bachelor’s degree in Indistrial Design Engineering and is now following a pre-master’s degree at the mechanical engineering faculty. She herself has experienced what it is like to study with a disability and is enthusiastic to help others. Fem will be involved in the Horizon walk-in hours and the Study Buddy project.

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