Financial aid

The (financial) regulations that TU Delft students can apply in the event of special circumstances arise from the national laws and regulations, such as the Higher Education and Scientific Research Act and the Student Financing Act. For more information see below.

Profiling Fund (RPF) Regulations TU Delft

For students who have graduated by virtue of the circumstances mentioned in the Act of Higher Education and Research, TU Delft has drawn up the Regulations for Profiling Fund. To submit an application for the RPF, contact the study adviser, see this page.

Student finance and studying with a disability

There are special regulations concerning student finance for students with a disability. Contact your academic counsellor or see the DUO website for the regulations on study delay (info in Dutch only).

Application to private funds

Your academic progress may be threatened by a lack of money. Study delay may be caused by exceptional circumstances, in which case the Profiling Fund Scheme (RPF) may be able to help. However, not all students will be able to graduate with the help of the RPF or regular student finance. A stay abroad as part of your study programme, or doing an internship abroad can also lead to financial problems. In this case appealing for assistance from a Private Fund may be the answer.

Municipality of Delft Study Allowance

Students with a disability may qualify for an individual study allowance from the local authorities. Ask at the municipality where you are registered about the conditions for this and how to apply.