Laptop advice Industrial Design

Not all courses require a computer, but sometimes in group assignments  the teacher assumes each groupLa to have at least one laptop. In a total of 16 courses in the first and second year of your studies at least 10 courses it is advisable to use a computer. Some examples:

  •  You will be taught how to create 3D models with SolidWorks. This course is taught in a computer room, but you will need the software during a lot of assignments. In those cases it is more convenient to be able to work anywhere in stead of having to rely on available computers in the computer rooms.
  •  During the practical work of IO2060 Interaction and Electronics you will learn how to programme a microprocessor board. Using your own laptop will enable you to also use this in other projects.
  •  Several courses make use of the Maple software (Math). It is very efficient to work along with the teacher as he or she explains the theory. 

Laptop workspaces are available at various locations throughout the building. The  'PlatVorm' is specially equipped for laptop use. Plenty powersockets to reload your battery while you work. Throughout the building it is possible to access to both fixed and wireless networks. Besides a network cable, all you need do to access the fixed network is register for first-time use. Whether you are working in a design studio or having class in a lecture room. Anywere you can access your data. 

You will be able to use the multifunctionals (print, scan and copying machines) in combination with your laptop. The cost will be automatically charged to your credit.

Which laptop?

TU Delft has a laptopproject. In this years laptop project you have a choice to buy a low-end laptop or two high-end laptops. The low-end model is NOT suitable for the graphics software required for the IDE bachelor programme and the IPD and DFI master. Of course, you want to know wether or not it is useful to buy this high end laptop, selected by the university. Since you can buy one in a regular shop too. The advantages:

  •  It is a powerful computer with good screen quality.
  •  The price is good
  •  3 year warranty on campus repair and battery and possibility to get a swap laptop while your laptop is in repair.

If you want to bring your own laptop to your IDE-study, make sure

  • Suitable for Windows 10 (64-bits)
  • A multi-core (quad-core) processor
  • A discrete (dedicated) video card
  • At least 16 GB of RAM (32 GB recommended)
  • At least 512 GB of storage (1TB SSD recommended)
  • At least 15” full HD screen


For your studies you mainly use Windows software that is often not available in an Apple Mac (OS) version. A Mac is therefore less suitable for your studies. On a Mac with an Intel processor (the i7 processor) you still use this Windows software via a detour. Follow the Bootcamp manual from Apple for this. You do need a Windows 10 installation file and serial number (available from Surfspot) and a lot of free disk space.

Apple now also offers Macs with an Apple M1 processor. This processor is not compatible with the Intel processors, which means that no Intel version of Windows 10 can be installed on it and therefore these Macs are less / not suitable for your studies.


The required software can be downloaded by all students from the software portal. Click here for more information. 

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