Laptop insurance

The ultimate care free study can be achieved if you also take out an insurance on your laptop. The most distinctive features are given underneath.

Klikzeker verzekeringen (Simpelsurance)

This laptop insurance is available in the webshop.

  • You need to take out this insurance directly as you purchase the laptop (available in the webshop)
  • The term of the insurance is 3 years.
  • You can choose to include coverage against theft or not.
  • More information on this insurance policy can be found the webshop. 

If you get a technical malfunction and have completed an insurance, you should report your malfunction to the service desk. It is important that you have the cost estimate of your Computacenter repair and your proof of purchase attached. Then click on the Clickzeker portal to report your claim and add 1 attachment with the 2 documents to your claim. After that Klikzeker will consult Computacenter and provide approval for the repair. Klikzeker keeps you informed of all the steps and times when you can retrieve your laptop. 

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