AV/IT resources

AV/IT resources (fixed)

At the TU Delft campus there are various halls with audiovisual/information technological (AV/IT) resources available. For example, projectors, SMARTboards, visualisers, displays, video conferencing, microphones, etc.

Here you can find an overview of the existing AV/IT resources of the 180 centrally organised education rooms consisting of tiered lecture halls, flat level classrooms, terraced classrooms, project rooms and exam halls. AV/IT resources can also be found in faculty lecture halls and conference rooms. The basic principles for AV/IT resources and facilities in both education and conference rooms are uniformity and user-friendliness.

How to?
When you reserve a space (via the service desk), the corresponding AV/IT resources are available for use. At the service desk you can pick up the door pass, the key to start up the AV system and if applicable the presenter/pointer, adapter cables and microphones.

AV/IT resources (non-fixed)

It is possible to borrow AV/IT resources, such as projectors, voice recorders, video cameras, etc. from your own faculty.

How to?
At the service desk you can inquire about the availability of the resources and make a reservation.


For questions about AV/IT resources in the rooms, please contact the service desk.

AV/IT resources are often essential for education at the TU Delft. Report a disruption immediately to the service desk. The service desk will call in the necessary support.