You are eligible to apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship if: 

  • The Faculty has a bilateral agreement with the institution you are going to; 
  • Your study programme abroad will be recognized at TU Delft (the acknowledgement of obtained results); 
  • You are enrolled and have started your 2nd year of study (minimum 45 ECTS obtained for Bachelor students) 

For the Erasmus + administration; 

  • Your study takes place in one of the countries in group 1, 2 or 3; 
  • Your study is minimum 2 months, maximum 12 months; 
  • Your total mobility duration does not exceed 12 months per study cycle (Bsc/Msc) 
  • You will not receive other EU funding (Erasmus + is the only funding you can apply for this year) 
  • You only receive 1 Erasmus+ study scholarship per academic year;
  • The European Commission expects students to study nominally, i.e. compose and follow a study program with the partner of 24-30 ECTS credits. If you expect less than 20 ECTS, this needs to be agreed upon with your Exchange coordinator.

For your Study; 

  • During your TU Delft studies you are residing in The Netherlands and your Host institution must be in a different country  
  • You remain enrolled at TU Delft during your exchange; 

During your exchange; 

  • You both live and study in the host country; 
  • If you meet all the requirements you can start your application process.