A platform for homecare and healthy living is developed through ‘community based co-design’


The first prototyped cases are “to make it possible for informal care givers to temporarily leave their loved ones alone”, for conditions such as dementia or epilepsy. 

Goals of the project

Healthcare costs are rising resulting in a transfer from hospital care to home care and an increase of informal and self-care.
The on-going development method is ‘multi-layer’ and ‘community based co-design’. Scenario and prototype action research is driven by people from the communities, professionals and non-professionals.

This is executed
   1) to take into account all layers from individual to political (with help from international experts and companies) and
   2) to be guided fully by local needs and to create local “ownership” of the design.
The proposed solution is a platform for homecare and healthy living that allows (future) modules from different manufacturers. This should promote competition – to incent European economics - while keeping healthcare costs to a minimum.



  • Many partners from the region and from Brussels
    e.g. Informal care givers from Rotterdam and Delft:
  • Careyn
  • Aafje
  • Middin
  • Veldacademie
  • Think-tank Epposi