A new taste for plastic waste

Plastic bakery is the design of a product and service around recycling plastic (Polyethylene) bottle caps. 

Plastic waste

Polyethylene bottle caps are easy to melt and have many different colors. When melting and mixing these colors, patterns arise in the material that surprise people. The material is semi-transparent and has a magical appearance when light shines through. 

Current applications for plastic waste materials focus on the end result whereas the transition of bottle caps into a new material, is very interesting to perceive. Plastic Bakery offers the possibility for people to process plastic waste in a fun, accessible and safe way. The process of baking a pie is used as an inspiration source for melting and shaping the caps. 

Bakery bus

In the bakery bus people can bake their own product during a workshop. A menu is provided with color themes, additions and surface finishes. Different color themes are created, based on nature. People can choose to add sprinkles and to create a texture or message with a stamp. For example birthday wishes, if the product is a gift. 

The product is hand made as the imperfections in the material reveal. These imperfections give extra depth to the material and enhance the beauty of the material. 


The material qualities are translated into a set of table lamps that people can make in a workshop of 1,5 to 2 hours. The lamps exist out of four plastic plates, that are attached to a frame of sticks with a cord. These sticks keep the plates and the lamp in place. The connection method is easy for people and does not distract the attention from the material.