Best Paper Award (2nd Prize) for Juseong Lee and Ingeborg de Pater

PhD candidates Juseong Lee and Ingeborg de Pater, and their supervisor Dr. Mihaela Mitici have won the Best Paper Award (2nd Prize) at the 7th European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2022 (PHM Europe). The PHM Europe is a major European conference in prognostics and health management, participated by both academic researchers and industries.

The prize winning paper is entitled "Remaining-Useful-Life Prognostics for Opportunistic Grouping of Maintenance of Landing Gear Brakes for a Fleet of Aircraft." The full paper is available in the proceeding (

This research focuses on the next step after PHM. It proposes how to use the Remaining-Useful-Life (RUL) prognostics to optimize maintenance schedules for a fleet of aircraft with multiple components. The proposed maintenance schedule minimizes the maintenance cost of scheduled/unscheduled replacements and wasted useful life of components. A practical case study on the landing gear brakes shows that integrating RUL prognostics reduces maintenance costs, prevents unscheduled maintenance, and reduces hangar usage of aircraft.