RHIA TALKS | Flight Delay Predictions

Thursday 27 January 2022 15.00-16.00

On the 27th of January (15.00-16.00) a RHIA Talks is organized with a focus on Flight Delay Predictions.

The Airport Technology Lab* (ATL) is a fieldlab at Rotterdam The Hague Airport focusing on development of data driven innovations. Currently 13 partners work together on various innovation projects, ranging from radar applications to creation of airport decision support tools using AI-techniques.

In this webinar TU Delft, LVNL, and Adecs AirSystems will present and discuss the topic of Flight Delay Predictions. Together with promotor dr. Mihaela Mitici, Mike Zoutendijk (PhD candidate at the Air Transport & Operations) has developed machine learning algorithms capable of predicting flight delays at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. In addition, Mike has used these results to improve the flight-to-gate assignment.

More information about the program of the RHIA talks and a registration link can be found here. Note: the event will be in Dutch.

If you’re interested in the research paper that Mike Zoutendijk and Mihaela Mitici recently published, you can access it via this link.

*The Airport Technology Lab is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via the “Kansen voor West II” program.