RHIA TALKS | Seamless Passenger Journey

Monday 13 December 2021 14.00-15.00

On the 13th of December (14.00-15.00) a RHIA Talks is organized with a focus on seamless passenger journeys by using data-driven innovation and artificial intelligence techniques. 

In this webinar TU Delft, RHIA, RTHA, To70 and iLabs will elaborate on their work within the Airport Technology Lab (ATL)*, a fieldlab that was established in 2020 to accelerate digital airport innovation at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Multiple researchers from the Air Transport & Operations section of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering have been working on various innovation projects within the ATL, such as the seamless passenger journey (including the call-to-gate strategy).

On 13 December, Sahand Ziabari (postdoctoral researcher) will elaborate on the impact and project results he and supervisor Dr. Alexei Sharpanskykh, Adin Mekic and other colleagues have obtained so far, and for which they recently received a prestigious IBM award during the 19th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-agent Systems. (Link to paper)

More information about the program of the RHIA talks and a registration link can be found here.

*The Airport Technology Lab is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via the “Kansen voor West II” program.